The Five W’s of Vacation Planning

The Five W's of Vacation Planning

Vacation planning is natural for some and difficult for others. Some people are adventurous and pick up and go at any time. Others have to think down to the minute details. Which of these persons are you when it comes to vacation planning? Either one must do some planning. Here are the five W’s of vacation planning: where, when, why, who, and what.

Where am I going? Take a look at a world map or maybe a U.S. or state map. A spontaneous person may point to a place on the globe and decide that’s it. A detailed person probably has a  place in mind. People choose a location for a variety of reasons. However, knowing where you’re going is half the battle. Also, remember your budget and financial limitations when planning a vacation! Continue reading “The Five W’s of Vacation Planning”

Set SMARTER Goals for 2018

Set SMARTER Goals in 2018

Setting SMARTER Goals

It’s that time a year again to make your resolutions or set goals for the New Year. Usually, you resolve to lose weight, exercise more and eat less. Or you may promise to save more money and spend less. Then some people decide to find a new job and walk away from the old one. Maybe, you want to travel across the country or world. So, you need to set goals. Overall, you set them and then give up a couple of months into the year. Well this year, you will set SMARTER Goals.

What are SMARTER Goals? SMARTER is an acronym for a seven-step process of setting a goal. For your goals to be clear and reachable, each one should be: Specific,Measurable or Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic, Timely, Evaluative, and Revisable. Let’s break it down further. Continue reading “Set SMARTER Goals for 2018”

Six Affordable Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Find an affordable gift for your favorite traveler. Review six holiday gifts that are affordable.

Affordable Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year to buy holiday gifts for your favorite traveler. You wonder what to buy that doesn’t break your budget. Then, you may have a finicky friend who is hard to please. What are you to purchase? Here are six, affordable holiday gifts for travelers.

Find affordable gifts for your favorite traveler.
The holiday season is time to give.

Travel Accessories Kit

First, every traveler can use a 6-1 Travel Accessories Kit. This kit includes a TSA lock, luggage scale, international travel adapter, passport cover, eye mask, and earplugs. You can cover six items in one gift box!

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What’s In Your Toiletry Bag?

What's in your toiletry bag.

What’s In Your Toiletry Bag?

Traveling to a new city or country is exciting and interesting. However, packing your toiletry and suitcase is sometimes challenging. Then determining what items to pack in your toiletry bag can be even harder. So, what’s in your toiletry bag?

Do you throw everything including the kitchen sink into your bag? Or do you only take the necessities? What type a toiletry bag do you prefer? There are so many to chose from including vinyl, cloth, plastic, water-resistant, or hanging ones. Is your preference a bag with various pockets and zippers? Again, you have a variety of choices. More importantly, is what you pack in your toiletry bag.
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My Wanderlust Leads to Manggis, Bali – Part 2

Wanderlust leads to Bali

Bali, Day 5-8

On day 5, we were heading to Manggis, a seaside town. In Part 1, we talked about our stay in Ubud. The Alila Ubud was a great hotel with fantastic hospitality. The staff was so accommodating that one would never want to leave. They get five stars for customer service. The crew was very impressed and humbled by the wonderful staff. However, it was time to move on to the next stop.

We ate breakfast at the Alila Ubud and then prepared to leave. Two SUV’s were waiting on us. We expected the typical minivan, however, the manager didn’t want us to be cramped during the 90-minute ride to Manggis. So, he ordered two cars for the four of us. It was a hot morning, so thank God for nice cool air conditioning. During the ride, we talked to the driver about life in Bali. Continue reading “My Wanderlust Leads to Manggis, Bali – Part 2”

My Wanderlust Leads to Bali – Part 1

Wanderlust Leads to Bali

Travel to Bali

My wanderlust is at it again. My travel crew was with me: my sister, cousin, and niece. Thanks to a great Living Social deal, we were able to enjoy an affordable vacation. We arrived in Depensar on March 11th, at 1:00 am. We left Chicago on March 9th at 11:30 am on Korean Air. While in flight, we crossed the international date line. Our flight itinerary was from Chicago to Seoul to Bali for a total of 21 hours of flying plus a short layover.

Korean Air was great. We flew economy, but the customer service during the flight was fantastic. Fourteen hours on the first leg was filled with watching movies, sleeping, listening to music, reading, eating, stretching, drinking plenty of water and more sleeping. The in-seat entertainment system was way cool! The touchscreen featured movies, TV shows, games, music, and flight information. It even came with a remote control. The legroom was excellent and we weren’t cramped at all. Continue reading “My Wanderlust Leads to Bali – Part 1”

Comfortable Shoes are an Important Asset for Travelers

Travel Comfort: Find Comfortable Shoes for Travel

Travel in Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are important assets for travelers. When you travel, you are on your feet. Then, you walk around airports, train or bus stations. Afterward,  you stand in long lines. Airports and stations have hallways and stairs that keep your fitness tracker buzzing. Once you arrive at your destination, exploration of tourist spots keep you on the move. The last thing you want is for your feet to hurt because of uncomfortable shoes. Travel comfort begins with finding the right pair of comfortable shoes. Continue reading “Comfortable Shoes are an Important Asset for Travelers”

Portland Has Much to See and Do

Visiting Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has much to see and do. Visiting this beautiful city for a few days in September was a great experience. I landed in PDX via Southwest Airlines to spend a few days in Portland, Oregon for the EBA (Elite Bloggers Academy) Activate Live Conference. Men and women from all over the United States and various countries visited for four days of learning, networking, and collaboration. However, I also wanted to venture out and see what the city had to offer.  Continue reading “Portland Has Much to See and Do”

Organize Your Suitcase with Packing Cubes

Organize your suitcase with packing cubes

Organize Your Suitcase

Most of you love to travel, but you don’t look forward to packing. Getting your clothes and toiletries into a suitcase or carry-on piece can be a challenge. Whittling down the number of outfits can be even more of a challenge. Sitting on your suitcase to close it is a bigger problem. Now, you can put your challenges and problems aside. Organize your suitcase with packing cubes. Continue reading “Organize Your Suitcase with Packing Cubes”

Five Important Tips for MidLife Happiness and Good Health

Five Important Tips for Mid-Life Happiness and Good Health

MidLife Crosses A Threshold

Midlife is a whole new world for many of us. Turning 50 years old or older is like crossing another threshold. You think you’ve been through some stuff, and you’re ready for anything. Some think, what can possibly be thrown at you that you can’t handle. Yes, some of you are superheroes with superhuman powers. However, even at midlife, you’re still human with an abundance of emotions! So, here five important tips for mid-life happiness and good health. Continue reading “Five Important Tips for MidLife Happiness and Good Health”