It’s Time to Reflect, Refresh and Reboot

It’s Summertime

It’s June! That means it’s summertime!  It’s time to reflect, refresh and reboot. For six to eight weeks, there are many possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. You have probably made a to-do list of all the things you wanted to do during throughout the year.  However, does that to-do list include time to reflect, refresh and reboot? You’ve been waiting a long few months for summer! So, now it’s here!

Women look forward to summer moments. Often, it’s usually a time to plan for the upcoming family events, vacations, etc. It’s time to put the kids in a summer camp, enrichment programs or send them to grandma’s house. However, as mothers, you don’t take the time to reflect on your physical and emotional health. Are you one of those mothers, who never stop thinking about your children, spouse job,  and other responsibilities? Do you often forgo your health, because you’re busy taking care of everyone else? Continue reading “It’s Time to Reflect, Refresh and Reboot”

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Sisterhood: A Path to Relationships, Bonds and Empowerment

It’s Called Sisterhood

When a woman needs to talk or commiserate, she usually calls on another woman. She can be a sister, cousin, aunt, mother, friend or colleague. Who understands a woman better than a woman? It’s called sisterhood!  It’s our path to each other.  Also it is a path to relationships, bonds and empowerment. Women, we need each other in good times, okay times and not so good times. Surely, you too have a sisterhood network that you can turn to when needed.

Recently, I was feeling kind of meh about a recent career setback and how life as I planned it didn’t quite work out. So, I called a longtime friend who knows all my moods. We’ve known each other for over 35 years. That’s a long time and we’ve seen and heard it all. Anyway, I consider her to be a major part of my sisterhood network. We’ve helped each other through relationship breakups, divorces, loss of employment, financial crises, illnesses and more. Moreover, sistership and friendship have withstood differences of opinions, politics, and sometimes fashion hiccups.

Continue reading “Sisterhood: A Path to Relationships, Bonds and Empowerment”

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