Five Important Tips for MidLife Happiness and Good Health

MidLife Crosses A Threshold

Midlife is a whole new world for many of us. Turning 50 years old or older is like crossing another threshold. You think you’ve been through some stuff, and you’re ready for anything. Some think, what can possibly be thrown at you that you can’t handle. Yes, some of you are superheroes with superhuman powers. However, even at midlife, you’re still human with an abundance of emotions! So, here five important tips for mid-life happiness and good health.

Five Important Tips For Mid-Life Happiness and Good Health
Midlife is a chance to ponder what’s most important.

Take Care of Self

First, take care of self. At midlife, our bodies began to slow down mentally and physically. The law of gravity is real and alive. Aging doesn’t stop but you can slow it down by staying healthy. Taking care of yourself means getting regular checkups from your primary care doctor. When is the last time you had your blood work done or visited the gynecologist? Have you had a cholesterol test or mammogram? You want to be preventative, not reactive to illnesses.

The second tip is taking care of self also means eating healthy and exercising. Eat nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A healthy lunch does not consist of potato chips and a soft drink. Breakfast should be more than a cup of coffee and a donut. Start eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and poultry. Yes, junk food and fried foods are tasty, but not so good for us. Talk to your doctor about your eating habits and developing an exercise plan.

Save Money

Third, save money! Yes, you probably saved money before midlife, but continue to do so. Stuff happens in a quick hurry and fast. Prepare for emergencies, job loss, home repairs, retirement, and more. Then prepare for your children or grandchildren to ask for money. Yes, children will stay in your pocket even though they’re way past grown! Deposit money into your savings accounts or continue to invest in stocks, mutual funds, etc.

The fourth tip is that life will surprise you. Midlife doesn’t always come up roses. Just when you think it won’t happen to you, it will happen to you. It may be a pleasant surprise or it may not be so nice. Something will stress you out! Whatever it is, prepare emotionally, physically or financially. Remember the previous tips about taking care of self and saving money will help you prepare for the surprises in midlife.

Live Your Life

Next, live your life! It really is short. Midlife means that you have some years of wisdom, knowledge, and experience under your belt. You will have signs of a midlife crisis. Now more than ever, it’s time to enjoy and do you. It doesn’t mean to forget about your responsibilities. Take some time for you! Go on your own spiritual journey or adventure. Fulfill some of the items on your bucket list. Furthermore, don’t be ashamed to enjoy your life as you see fit.

At midlife, you have over 40 or 50 years of experiences. Therefore the longer you live, the more wisdom and knowledge you can share. Don’t let worries, woes or surprises take you down. With good health and happiness, you are another type of superhero for family and friends. Follow the five important tips. Then look forward to another 40 or 50 years of living and doing you!

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  1. I am currently going through this exact thing right now, I try and eat right and exercise daily. (Headed to the gym in an hour) I have been putting away money for a rainy day and luckily I also have my 401K to help out. I am an empty nester so my husband and I can go as we please. I appreciate the tips.

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