Organize Your Suitcase with Packing Cubes

Organize Your Suitcase

Most of you love to travel, but you don’t look forward to packing. Getting your clothes and toiletries into a suitcase or carry-on piece can be a challenge. Whittling down the number of outfits can be even more of a challenge. Sitting on your suitcase to close it is a bigger problem. Now, you can put your challenges and problems aside. Organize your suitcase with packing cubes.

Benefits of Packing Cubes

There are advantages to organizing your suitcase with packing cubes. First, they save space inside of your suitcase. Consequently, the more space you have, the more shopping you can do, too. Second, You can organize and separate clothes. Then you can arrange by color, types of items, or outfits by the days of the week.

When you organize by outfits, you can remove from the suitcase only the packing cubes you need. Therefore, they allow you to be strategic. When it’s time to return home, you can separate the clean and worn clothes. Use the cubes to pack shoes, toiletries, electronics, and knick-knacks.

Reviews of Packing Cubes

Often, packing cubes comes in sets of four, six, or eight with a variety of sizes. Depending on your needs as a traveler and your budget, you have many products to choose from. Here are a few reviews of sets that may interest you.

Biaggi Packing Cubes
Biaggi is the manufacturer of foldable luggage. It also makes packing cubes. These cubes come in a pack of three and also includes a laundry/shoe bag. The Biaggi Packing Cubes are made of nylon fabric that is water resistant. The dimensions for each cube is 15.5” x11” x 3.5”. To help easily identify the contents and for ventilation, the cubes have a mesh top panel. Each cube has a carrying handle for easy handling. Therefore these packing cubes can fit your needs for weekend travel or a week’s vacation


Vercord sells an 8 set Packing Organizer packing cube set. These are waterproof mesh travel packing cubes. The sets come in a variety of colors to choose from. Also, the sizes of the cubes in this set range from large to small. These cubes can fit in regular size suitcases or carry-on luggage. Whether you are taking a weekend trip or an extended vacation, this set of eight  will fit your needs.

Pro Packing Cubes
Pro Packing Cubes offers a 6 Piece Lightweight Travel Cube Set. This set is for serious and frequent travelers. Whether you are a frequent traveler or novice, this packing cube set is great. Pro Packing products come in multiple colors and are durable. Clothes can be organized, compressed and sorted by garment or outfit. The cubes fit in carry-on luggage, regular or large size suitcases. Also, the smaller bags can be used for toiletries, personal electronics or shoes.  So, wherever you are going, this set of six fits any traveler’s needs.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a frequent traveler, packing cubes make your life easier. The time it takes to pack and unpack will shorten.  Furthermore, your suitcase is organized when you open it. Clothes and shoes are not thrown around like a tornado hit inside the suitcase. Plus you will pack your outfits so they’re easily accessible. You can take the cubes directly out of the suitcase into the hotel drawers. Easy peezy! It’s time to organize your suitcase!

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