Taking a Road Trip from Chicago to Biloxi, Mississippi

Road Trip from Chicago to Biloxi

Plan a Road Trip

Taking a road trip is fun! Driving to your destination gives you an opportunity to see so many things you can’t see on a plane. So, last spring a friend and I decided to spend spring break on the road. Our primary plan was to drive from Chicago, Illinois to Biloxi, Mississippi. During our road trip, we also planned to make stops in Tunica, MS, and Memphis, TN. We had a great time on our road trip. Continue reading “Taking a Road Trip from Chicago to Biloxi, Mississippi”

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The Five W’s of Vacation Planning

The Five W's of Vacation Planning

Vacation planning is natural for some and difficult for others. Some people are adventurous and pick up and go at any time. Others have to think down to the minute details. Which of these persons are you when it comes to vacation planning? Either one must do some planning. Here are the five W’s of vacation planning: where, when, why, who, and what.

Where am I going? Take a look at a world map or maybe a U.S. or state map. A spontaneous person may point to a place on the globe and decide that’s it. A detailed person probably has a  place in mind. People choose a location for a variety of reasons. However, knowing where you’re going is half the battle. Also, remember your budget and financial limitations when planning a vacation! Continue reading “The Five W’s of Vacation Planning”

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