Embarking on a New Life Journey

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Life Journeys Come and Go

January 1, I woke up, and the 2010s were over, and the 2020s began. Years went quickly. People in my life came and left. Some exited this earth, and others left our friendship or relationship. Comings and goings are the natural order of things. The point is, what do you learn from the people or things that come and go. Comings and goings can also represent a new life journey.

During the years between 2010 and 2019, my journey took some quick and some sharp turns. Sometimes the shifts came without warning and threw off my compass in life. Personally and professionally, things were decent and running smoothly in 2010-2012. Then in 2013-2014 professionally, I was under attack and thought I had a brief reprieve in 2015. What I didn’t know was the devil was busy, and his plan of attack would almost take me out. It dragged me down. It was all-consuming, and my life compass went haywire for about three years between 2016-2019.