Step by Step: The Benefits of Walking

The Benefits of Walking
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Benefits of Walking

 Staying in shape at any age is sometimes daunting. When you’re over 50 it’s harder to keep the pounds off. It’s even more difficult to get rid of the menopause belly. However, there is a simple way to start working off the pounds and belly. It’s putting one foot in front of the other and reap the benefits of walking.

Walking as an exercise is underrated by many of us. The benefits of walking are worth giving up 30 minutes of your day.  Recently, I started a 30-30-30 Walk Challenge with friends, family, and colleagues. The rules are short and straightforward.  We vowed to walk at least 30 consecutive minutes for 30 straight days. At the end of 30 days, each person completes 30 walks. When the challenge ended, participants’ testimonies range from losing weight or inches to feeling more energetic.  Several of us continued the challenge after the 30 days ended.

A Weekend Away in Portland Maine

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Portland, ME

Everyone should spend a weekend away in Portland, Maine. Recently, the Women in Travel Summit (WITS) held its annual conference the first week of May 2019. Women from across the country and world attended. There was much to see and do in three days and Portland, Maine did not let us down.

Portland is known for great food and beautiful lighthouses. However, it has so much more to offer visitors. A weekend away in Portland, Maine allows one to touch the surface of what the city has to offer to tourists. Yet, in three days there’s much territory to cover.

Take a Personal Spring Break

Take a personal spring break
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Take a Personal Spring Break

It’s time to take a personal spring break! It’s a time of year to breathe, relax, and reflect. You’re probably wondering what to do with yourself. Every day you work hard, but you don’t play hard. You take care of others but not yourself. What if you take one week off just for your health and wellness. If you have vacation days, use them!  Here are ten benefits and things to do during your personal spring break.

Enjoy a Weekend in San Antonio

Enjoy a weekend in San Antonio
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Escaping the Cold

The winter of 2019 gets a bit boring after a couple of months. So, sometimes it’s great to get away from it all. Thankfully, I had an excuse to get away the last weekend in January. As a speaker and attendee of the Teacher Self-Care Conference, I took the opportunity to enjoy a weekend away in San Antonio.

Experience A Journey Across Jordan

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Book a Trip to Jordan

One thing on my bucket list was to see Petra, a Wonder of the World. So, I did some research, and then I spontaneously booked a trip through Gate 1 Travel. For 12 days I would have an opportunity to experience a journey across Jordan. I could hardly wait for the adventure to begin.

Flying to Jordan

Day 1

On a rainy October evening, I flew a non-stop flight out of Chicago on Royal Jordanian Airlines.  The 787 Dreamliner plane was smooth as butter, and the crew gave fantastic service. A little over 12 hours, we landed safely in Amman. Once through customs, I checked in Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amman. It is a beautiful hotel. Fortunately, my arrival was a day before tours began, so there was time to relax and enjoy the hotel spa and pool.

Day 2

Create SMARTER Personal Goals for Your Well-Being

Create SMARTER Personal Goals
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People set goals every year around this time. Goals can be professional and/or personal. Somehow, the goals seem to disappear around between March or April. You usually set goals around working harder,  losing weight and saving money. Furthermore, you want to do something fun, too. Maybe, you want to travel across the country or world. It’s great to create a goal to work harder, but your personal life is a priority, too. All work and no play equals no life!  So, you need to set both professional and personal goals. Well this year, you will set SMARTER Goals and begin to focus on your well-being and own happiness.

Your personal happiness and well-being should be a priority. Oftentimes, you are overwhelmed and feel that there’s never enough time. If this is your reality,  it’s time to make some changes. Don’t feel guilty because you want to do things that can bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction. For a moment, focus on you. At this time, let’s look more into setting SMARTER goals.

What are SMARTER Goals? SMARTER is an acronym for a seven-step process of setting a goal. For your goals to be clear and reachable, each one should be Specific, Measurable or Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic, Timely, Evaluative, and Revisable. Let’s break it down further.

Must-Haves In My Travel Bag

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Travel Must-Haves

Traveling can be fun and stressful at the same time. To make a trip less stressful is to pack my must-haves. My list of must-have items continues to grow as I do more business and personal travel. What’s in my travel bag helps me to be as comfortable as possible on any journey near or far.

When I travel, I want to be as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible. Therefore, my must-haves in my travel bag includes various items including clothing, health and beauty products, and technology. Let’s take a look at my must-haves list.


First, let’s start with my feet. I always have a pair of Fitkicks. They are athleisure shoes are great for home, travel, and casual wear. These stretch shoes are minimalist,  comfortable and can be worn inside or outside. Fitkicks are so thin that they easily fit in a carry-on, suitcase, or backpack. They are foldable, too. I wear them in the hotel while in my room or exploring the lobby. Also, I wear them on the beach or on the airplane during long flights. Most importantly, these must-haves in my travel bag are reasonably priced. Continue reading “Must-Haves In My Travel Bag”

Weight Gain Over 50 and the Menopause Belly is Inevitable

Weight gain over 50 and the Menopause Belly is inevitable
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Weight Gain Over 50

Being over 50 comes with many surprises and changes. Aging gracefully is more than a notion, but we keep going.  One lovely surprise is the weight gain and the menopause belly or the muffin top. It seems to come out of nowhere. All of a sudden your favorite clothes don’t fit and your scale is on a larger number. Weight gain over 50 and the menopause belly is inevitable.  Let’s take a look at why the weight gain and menopause belly occurs. Then let’s talk about how to contain that belly.

You probably wonder why all of a sudden your weight increases. The amount of calorie intake has not changed, so why are you gaining weight. Many think that it is because of hormonal changes due to menopause. However, it is not the only reason for the weight gain.  Some scientists and researchers say the gain is usually related to aging, lifestyle, and genetics. Continue reading “Weight Gain Over 50 and the Menopause Belly is Inevitable”

Five Life Lessons at 50 Plus: Learning Never Stops

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Life Lessons at 50 

Life Lessons over 50 years old sometimes come as a surprise. Sometimes it’s something you’ve known since childhood but have to relearn the true meaning. The age of 50 or plus is a time of great reflection for many. It’s a time when your mortality begins to stare in your face. You are now on the other side of middle age. Time and years go faster than you desire, but it’s also a time to live your best self. Living your best means paying attention to five life lessons and realizing that learning never stops.

Having It All is Overrated

The first life lesson at 50 is having it all is overrated. You’ve worked hard and long for many years. Having it all has consequences. Everyone dreams of having the perfect house, car, spouse, or other material things. All of these things cost you money and valuable time. The expenses incurred to keep it all are sometimes overwhelming because you have to keep working long hours to continue to hold to it all. Long hours means less time for family, friends, and fun. Having it all causes more stress than you want or need. Continue reading “Five Life Lessons at 50 Plus: Learning Never Stops”

Over 50: Starting a New Career is Possible

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A New Career is Possible

Recently, I had to search for a new job. At 55 years old, I was a displaced educator and had to think about what to do next. Although fearful of what I thought were limited possibilities, I re-evaluated my skills. After doing so, I realized that starting a new career is possible for a person over 50 years old.

Changing careers at mid-life is not the norm; however, life sometimes throws a curve. Like many people, I planned on working with my school district until I chose to retire. Somehow our plans did not coincide. Consequently, the school district decided for me. So, I was pushed out in the cold without a plan of action. Afterward, I learned having a plan is crucial to starting a new career. Here are five things to prepare when looking to start a new career. Continue reading “Over 50: Starting a New Career is Possible”