Create a Quiet, Sweet Spot in Your Home

You Need a Quiet, Sweet Spot

A woman’s work is difficult.  Some days are harder than others. Depending on the day and time, you just want a quiet, sweet spot to hide out. Whether you’re working inside or outside of the home, life can get overwhelming. You don’t think, you have no place or space to seek quiet time. So, you hold in all of the emotions and stress until you’re ready to burst. 

You want to decompress; however, you have an active household filled with children, chores, and more. Kids call your name, the dog barks, or the TV is blaring. Your spouse or mate is getting on your nerves, too. Where can you hide for a few moments in your own home? How can you create your sweet spot or quiet space?

Self-Care is Important

Self-care is important and where better to start than in your house. Many of you feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Because there is always so much to do for others, you don’t think about your mental and physical health. Helping others is easier than helping yourself. But, starting today, you are going to find your sweet spot, a quiet comfortable space in your home. It will be a place to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize.

Location, Location, Location

Begin with scouting out the interior of your house for the perfect location. Think about all of the rooms, corners, attic or basement.  Where is the quietest space? Find an underused or unconventional place.  Your sweet spot should not be in a noisy, busy location like the kitchen or family room. Too many distractions are in those places. In the kitchen you have kids running in and out, messy dishes to be washed or food on the stove. Once you find your sweet spot, the next step is designing the space.

Design a quiet, sweet spot to relax.


Design a Quiet Sweet Spot

Create your quiet, sweet spot and make it comfortable for you. Design your space for how you wish to use it. Is your sweet spot in use for a hobby, meditation, reading or napping? A busy design is noisy. Remember you’re trying to get rid of all of the emotional and physical noise that drives you crazy. Therefore, you want your quiet space to be designed using calm colors and comfortable furniture. Minimal design is quiet. Do not rush through your design process. Make this space your own.

What type of furniture do you want in your sweet spot? Again, minimal design is quiet. So, one nice comfortable chair may be enough. Or a nice comfy couch is good for lounging. You will need a side table for holding a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Add some soft pillows and a warm, fuzzy throw to keep you warm. Perhaps, you can also have a rack for all of the magazines you want to read. Place a nice lamp next to the table or add some candles for aromatherapy. Are you relaxed yet?


Your quiet sweet spot is for relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. It is your own creation and design specifically for you. Don’t feel guilty, because it is your right to have your own space. So, jokingly let your family know the room is off limits, and they need permission to enter.  On a serious note, having a place to get in tune with your thoughts and unwind is a priority. Starting today and more importantly, find your sweet spot!  Lemony Snicket said, “The world is quiet in here.” Post this quote on a wall in your quiet space. Lastly, for more quotes about quiet space visit

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