My Gray Hair Matters: Don’t Count Me Out

Gray Hair Matters

Recently, I talked to a friend about my ongoing job search. I’m job hunting at the age of 55 and it’s been an interesting experience.  My friend suggested that I dye my beautiful gray hair to decrease the chances of discrimination based on appearance. Then, this got me to thinking that my gray hair matters! Don’t count me out of the game.

Firstly,  let me say that I am a proud woman of color and Baby Boomer. Boomer Love! Secondly, I am proud to have an AARP card. Most of all, I am proud of every gray strand of hair on my head, because I earned them. Also, I am a part of a very viable market, women over 50. Marketers and employers should not count out this important market.  Continue reading “My Gray Hair Matters: Don’t Count Me Out”

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It’s Time to Feed Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

What’s Your Big Idea?

Do you have a big idea? Have you dreamed of taking that idea and starting your own business? You know that this idea could provide a service or resource to consumers. You have an entrepreneurial spirit: however, you’re scared to step out on faith and your comfort level. Perhaps, you’re afraid to leave a good paying job for the unknown. Yet, you feel the strong pull and hunger of starting your business. Then it is time to feed your entrepreneurial spirit.

Recently, I spoke with a close friend about why we never started businesses. We’re Baby Boomers, in our mid 50’s and have known each other since high school. Currently, both of us are in job searches in markets that are virtually closed to people our age. So, we talked about all of our ideas, skills, knowledge, and experiences. Clearly, we have an entrepreneurial spirit. Then, we both agreed that it’s time to reinvent ourselves and take the leap.

Continue reading “It’s Time to Feed Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!”

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It’s Time to Reflect, Refresh and Reboot

It’s Summertime

It’s June! That means it’s summertime!  It’s time to reflect, refresh and reboot. For six to eight weeks, there are many possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. You have probably made a to-do list of all the things you wanted to do during throughout the year.  However, does that to-do list include time to reflect, refresh and reboot? You’ve been waiting a long few months for summer! So, now it’s here!

Women look forward to summer moments. Often, it’s usually a time to plan for the upcoming family events, vacations, etc. It’s time to put the kids in a summer camp, enrichment programs or send them to grandma’s house. However, as mothers, you don’t take the time to reflect on your physical and emotional health. Are you one of those mothers, who never stop thinking about your children, spouse job,  and other responsibilities? Do you often forgo your health, because you’re busy taking care of everyone else? Continue reading “It’s Time to Reflect, Refresh and Reboot”

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Milwaukee is Perfect for a Nearcation

The weekend of April 21-23, 2017  I attended the Women In Travel Summit (WITS) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hundreds of women came together for support, networking opportunities and sisterhood. I had a great time and my stay turned out to be a wonderful nearcation.

What is a nearcation?

What is a nearcation? According to, a nearcation is a destination relatively close to one’s home. Well, Milwaukee is only 90 miles from my hometown, Chicago, Illinois. However, depending on traffic and the speeders, more or less a two-hour drive. The location for WITS was a perfect excuse to get into my car and head up I-90/94. I also had my friend and road dog with me. So, Milwaukee was a perfect destination. More important, I had a perfect weekend with perfect weather!  Continue reading “Milwaukee is Perfect for a Nearcation”

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