Embarking on a New Life Journey

The Next Adventure

Sustah-Girl Chronicles is about adventures of the mind, body, and soul. The experience is now about the body and the changes that cancer will bring. Travel will be limited because the treatments will compromise my immune system. We all know airplanes and airports are germ-filled places, so perhaps it means more road trips to closer locations. Also, it can mean researching and writing about the countries and cities on my bucket list

A new and unexpected life journey begins in 2020. Now I must rediscover who I am and what I want to be from this day forward. The passion remains the same, but the pull to satisfy it is like a magnetic force now. Time is not to be wasted but spent exploring every possibility. 

I don’t know what the treatments will do to my body or how the process will affect my emotions. Whatever the effects, I must endure and keep pushing forward. God’s plan will become more apparent as I become still enough to hear His specific words and plan for me.

You Deserve a Vacation!
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